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You Can Help Stop Puppy Mills...


If you think you want to add a new member to your family please DO NOT BUY A DOG FROM A PET STORE.  

Please, if my scooter riding popularity can do anything for me it is to help educate the public as to why buying puppies from pet stores is bad! No matter what the pet store tells you...these puppies are from puppy mills. No reputable breeder would sell their puppies to a pet store where they have no control over who buys a dog or how they treat them. People who sell puppies to pet stores are milling puppies for profit with out regard to the health, temperament, structure or even if the dog is actually purebred. Yes you can get "papers" on a dog saying that dog is a purebred when in fact it is a mix. Many of these "papers" are not valid.  10 Reasons Not to Buy Pet Store Puppies


Please go rescue a dog from your local shelter or rescue group and spend the time necessary to teach them obedience commands and hopefully some fun tricks using positive reinforcement. You will find that rescue dogs realize how wonderful it is to have a home after living at a shelter and seem to want to really please. Often this makes them great candidates for trick training!  Petfinder is a great way to find rescue dog or visit your local Animal Shelter, Humane Society or Rescue Group Adoption.


If you decide you really want a purebred puppy, please only get one from a breeder listed on that breed's National Breed Club’s Breeder Referral list.  American Kennel Club lists all the registered breed clubs.  This is where you should be able to find a breeder who is breeding to help improve the breed and breed healthy well-tempered dogs. You will have to use good judgment when selecting a breeder and do your research. If the breeder asks you a lot of questions and is interviewing you well, chances are they are really trying to breed good, quality pups and find the best homes possible for them. If they will sell you a puppy without questioning you at all, chances are they are just out for profit and will not be breeding high quality dogs.


If you have any questions about selecting your new family member Please ask me I am glad to help. 


For more information on Puppy Mills you can visit ASPCA site.


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